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If you require tree surgery in Carmarthen, get in touch with us today. From tree cutting, felling and removal, to crowning, hedge trimming, stump removal and garden and land maintenance, we offer comprehensive arboricultural services. Our expert tree surgeons have extensive industry experience and are in possession of all the required tickets and qualifications to make sure we deliver safe solutions for all your tree surgery requirements. We can also work with both residential and commercial customers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to arrange a free no-obligation quotation.

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Our Tree Services

Our tree services include, but are no limited to:

Crown Reduction

Reduction is a form of tree pruning that is widely used. A crown reduction involves the elimination and clipping back of the exterior branches. As a result, this minimises the overall height and spread by a certain percentage, shortening the branches to particular growth points to maintain the regular shape of the particular species. Cutting back and reshaping the crown reduces pressure and enables trees to flourish within a cramped area, as it is adapted to its environment.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves getting rid of the lower branches from the primary stem, raising the height of the trees canopy from the ground-up to a particular level (e.g., 2.4m above pathways and 5.2m above highways). Many customers crown lift in order to create space for cars, pavements, or to improve the aesthetic appeal of their garden – creating a more practical and attractive space. We often recommend that cutting back branches should not end in the elimination of over 15% of the crown height.

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