Tree Removal Carmarthen

We carry out tree removal in Carmarthen safely and skilfully, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Whether you would like us to cut down a tree, grind down a stump or remove scrub and debris from your property, we can assist you. All waste is recycled either into timber products (such as beams), processed into firewood, chipped for biomass, mulched or rotted down into compost. We offer a comprehensive range of arboricultural services, so you will not need to approach multiple companies. Our services will make room for new developments or generally help you to clear a plot of land. We have significant industry experience and provide our customers with efficient solutions. Get in touch with us today if you would like to arrange a quotation.

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Our Tree Removal Services

Our tree removal services include:

Tree Felling

Felling might be necessary for certain reasons, such as the need to get rid of a diseased tree to increase light flow or make space for development. Our Arborists are highly skilled, qualified and specialise in large, dangerous and technical tree removals. We use ropes giving us the ability to lift, manoeuvre and lower tree limbs around any obstacles safely. Our excellent health and safety record proves our ability to carry out any job safely.

If substantial space is available to safely cut down a tree without taking it apart, we can work out the safest direction to fell it. The felling process involves using a modern felling technique to ensure a controlled and safe directional fell of the whole tree.

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