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We supply a broad range of timber products in Carmarthen, including firewood, woodchip, biomass, wooden furniture and more. Our products are sold on an ad hoc basis, unseasoned and unprocessed. We provide our customers with a free local delivery service and all wood chippings are free depending on the frequency, destination and quantity. We have a 10×5 tipping trailer and can use a saw mill to cut trees into heavy timbers. Moreover, our team can deliver your products, all for a competitive price, efficiently and at an appropriate time for you. Get in touch today to make an enquiry or if you would like to place an order.

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Woodchips For Sale

We have a broad range of woodchips for sale and can offer a local, FREE delivery service to our customers. Our team also offer woodchipper hire with an operator. 


We can deliver biomass pellets directly to your door which offer an excellent solution for small heating systems and serve well as a fuel back up.

Timber Milling

Timber milling involves a sawmill that cuts trees into heavy timbers. We can mill trees into planks, dry them or manufacture furniture on our site. The latter is a popular option among individuals that have loved and nurtured trees for a significant period of time. 

Wooden Furniture

Are you in need of a new item of timber furniture? If so, contact our team. We can design and produce stunning wooden furniture to meet your bespoke requirements. Whether you would like a new coffee table or a few dining room chairs, all our products are manufactured with the utmost level of skill.


Seasoned timber means that the wood is ‘ready to burn’ and that the moisture of the timber is under 20%. We supply both hard and soft, seasoned and unseasoned wood in various quantities, including:

Firewood Delivery

We can deliver firewood locally in a range of quantities and can organise bulk orders to meet your needs.

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Get in touch with us today if you require timber products in Carmarthen or a nearby location.

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